Hello and welcome! It’s hard to believe I started this blog seven yeas ago!  It’s even harder to believe that I have been photographing this world for forty-five years!  My journey with  photography began simply enough, a desire to capture life’s events which is typical of many new parents. Yet I found great pleasure in not only documenting events but creating images that expressed emotions. Back in the days of film photography, there was no instant gratification of seeing your shots. It was in fact quite the opposite experience, as you had to have the film developed and prints made. Eventually, I would build a darkroom and spend countless hours pursuing my photographic vision with smelly chemicals and darkness – ah what fun.

I was a very early adopter of digital cameras as the ability to instantly see your images was not only remarkable but gave you the ability to correct mistakes in composition and exposure and take another shot. Back in the days of film, bracketing was the only method available to deal with exposure and even that was not fool proof in getting it right. Years ago I vowed to never own another film camera. I really should never have made that vow, as I recently obtained a Medium Format film camera. Why? I realized that I could obtain some interesting image quality with those big negatives. What I have come to realize is that photographic tools are just that, they are there to inspire and enable us to see beyond the ordinary and offer us the ability to create our vision.

These days while I have great gear and software finely tuned to my workflow, I believe that it is all secondary to our ability to visualize and conceptualize our photographic vision. But I still always have a camera with me, just in case circumstances create a photographic opportunity. In addition to this blog, I have an “official website“, I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well.



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    1. Hey Kim,

      Thanks for checking up on me. I had cataract surgery at the beginning of the year and then we decided to put our farm up for sale and move to Georgia to be closer to family. Needless to say life has been more than a little crazy and no time for anything except the tasks at hand. The good news is that my eyesight is now superb (got Crystalens) and I don’t need glasses any more! Also looks like we have a buyer for our farm so I plan on doing a series of photos before we move. The area we will be moving to in Georgia is in the mountains at the start of the Appalachian Trail and is just beautiful. Many new photographic opportunities! VERY excited about all of the new developments!



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