Driving in America is dangerous. From distracted drivers to drunk drivers, the chances of having an accident are quite high. There are lots of fatalities every year. In Texas this year alone over 3,000 people died in traffic accidents and there are still a few weeks remaining in 2013. The U.S. fatality rate is 124 deaths per million people, but in the Netherlands, that figure is 40 deaths per million. In Sweden it’s 42, and in the U.K., it’s 43. Sadly, state legislatures in the US are reluctant to pass tougher laws like those in Europe. It’s only when someone loses a loved one to a drunk or distracted driver that they take action, lobby for tougher laws only to be stonewalled and in the end nothing changes.

India and China have the dubious distinction of having the highest number of traffic fatalities in the world, followed by Brazil then the US. Between India and China their annual fatalities will total over 200,000. That is a staggering number and when you add in the rest of the world you will have more than a million people killed in a year. While automakers make safer cars, they can’t make humans better more responsible drivers.

Be safe!

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  1. We have very high insurance rates in the UK for under 25 year olds as they are the group who have the most accidents, they used to penalise the boys more as they were a highest group but the EU insisted in no gender discrimination so premiums rose for girls :/ too.


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