solar panel


The golden invisible light falls silently

Illuminating my presence, in an eternal state of grace

My brilliance shines brightly, helping light the way

A reality for all the world to see, simply a glance away

The cycle of these seasons, of life and of death

Are a beautiful mystery, that many soon forget

So here I am to help you and give comfort along the way

For the journey ends in sunlight and endless happy ways

A cycle of grace, renewal and hope for all living things

I have been on the hunt for some interesting sunflower photos for several weeks. The giant sunflower fields were quite beautiful this year but I wanted a sunflower with more character to it. As I drove into work on Friday, taking an alternate route that was filled with wild sunflowers, this one caught my eye. The moment I saw it I threw the car into reverse and pulled over to take a closer look at it. I was so taken by how the flower had wrapped around the fence post and managed to stick it’s head up next to the post. I got out of the car with my camera and captured the sunflower and fence post.


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