decline of dslr



Digital natives don’t use cameras. Their image capture tool of choice is the cell phone.  The big camera makers know this because their sales have all tanked . Within the next ten years cameras may become a specialized tool used only for making commercials, everything else will be replaced by a cell phone. I expect to see the demise of point and shoot cameras within the next five years. While old school camera companies try to figure out what to do next, giant corporations like Samsung will push for the cell phones to replace cameras. Nokia has a 46mp  camera in a smart phone. Do you have any idea how large a file just one picture will be?

There will always be die hard camera freaks but the world is changing fast as shown by the Chicago Sun Times laying off their photographers and handing out smart phones to their reporters and telling them to go take pictures for their stories! While I have seen some creative photos taken with smart phones and the cameras continue to improve, I don’t like this trend at all. The art and craft of photography will have to find new and creative ways to survive this onslaught.

The photo in this post was NOT shot with a cell phone camera!

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