Storm U5

ImageToday was a weather day. There was rain, sun, rain and rainbows. Yesterday’s high temperature for the area was a new low! Cool in Texas in the middle of July? It won’t last but we will take it. I have this cool new weather app that shows you the weather in relation to your location. It will give you an ETA when the storm will hit you! As i drove home today I kept noticing this massive storm cell to the east. As I drove it grew larger and moved toward me. Finally I stopped the car, pulled out the camera and took a picture of this impressive storm headed toward me. I looked it up on the radar app and it was called Storm U5. As I finished my errands before heading home, I continued to watch the storm evolve and grow larger. As i drove home I could see the storm in my rear view mirror. The storm moved away and i never saw it again but I think I captured it’s essence in this photo. And then a rainbow appeared.

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