Dog Archetypes

Dog Archetypes



The Innocent

Motto: Free to be a dog

Goal: to be happy

Greatest fear: to be punished


The Orphan

Motto: All dogs are created equal

Goal: to belong

Greatest fear: being abandoned


The Hero

Motto: Where there’s a dog, there’s a way

Goal: mastery

Greatest fear: weakness





The Caregiver   

Motto: Love your dog as yourself

Goal: help others

Greatest fear: ingratitude


The Explorer  

Motto: Don’t fence me in

Goal: experience life to the fullest

Greatest fear: trapped


The Rebel    

Motto: Rules? What rules?

Goal: to overturn things especially garbage cans

Greatest fear: submission to humans


The Lover

Motto: You’re the only one

Goal: be in a relationship

Greatest fear: alone/unwanted


The Creator 

Motto: Dogs can do anything

Goal: visualize dog treats and they appear

Greatest fear: Hanging with boring dogs and or cheezie dog toys


The Jester

Motto: You only live once

Goal: to have fun

Greatest fear: not having fun


The Sage

Motto: Dog treats will set you free

Goal: figure out new ways to get more treats, food or toys

Greatest fear: other dog stealing your treats, food or toys


The Magician

Motto: I make stuff happen

Goal: turn up in an unexpected place

Greatest fear: nobody saw me do my magic


The Ruler

Motto: Power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing

Goal: keep the other dogs in line

Greatest fear: another dog taking over


The dog in the photo is a ruler. He works hard to make sure all the other dogs in his family obey him. He is obsessed with running the show and is constantly reminding the other dogs that he is in charge.  Dogs at their primal core are pack animals but their interactions with humans and their domestication changed their behavior. Modern day dogs provide humans much needed friendship and unconditional love. I hope this symbiotic relationship gives dogs something beyond just food, shelter and security. I suspect that it does given the nonverbal communication I see coming from dogs.

What archetype is your dog?

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