new filly

Even though it was hotter than hell today, getting to do a shoot for a baby horse today was worth it. This sweet filly was as good as gold and posed for me anytime I pointed the camera towards her. This two-week old Hanoverian filly has a fun personality and was so easy to work with in spite of the heat. One thing I have learned working with animals is that when you point a camera toward them, just be ready to have them coming toward you trying to figure out what you are doing. Sometimes your lenses will be licked as a sign of affection. Today the mare and the filly were both interested in my camera bag, so I just put the backpack on and wore it throughout the shoot.

Shooting horses of any kind is not easy. It’s very easy to get the perspective wrong or have a leg or tail out of the frame. There is no one right place where you need to be to take horse photos, in fact you probably need to be moving all the time. Yet today worked well because we were in a small turn-out and the mare and foal are like a single moving unit. So it’s easier to capture the foals movement.

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