When Pigs Fly


A few months ago I read a comment someone made in a photography forum. It said, “photography is worse than crack.” I thought about it for an instant as the realization hit me – photography is an all consuming passion. Photography seeps into you, becoming more and more a part of your everyday existence. You become consumed with techniques, styles, light, gear, workflow and so much more. 

In the end though, it’s all about the images you create. Some photographers are able to learn at an early age all the right ways of producing images people are willing to pay money for. In the new social media age many photographers became adapt at marketing and self-promotion. Many old school photographers went broke. You see the world is changing so fast now that if you don’t get on board with all of the latest ideas, you will be left in the dust. 

Maybe it’s always been that way but the rate of change in today’s world insures that anybody clinging to yesterday’s techniques may have trouble surviving in the current market. What is one to do? For starters, know what your client wants. Be responsive. Be on-time. The basics still matter. Work hard, be creative, never stop learning and remember to listen to your inner voice as well as your client’s wants and needs. If you do I am pretty sure you can make pigs fly.







































































































































































































































































































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