darkroom vs lightroom

Once upon a time I spent countless hours in the darkroom. It was a fun, creative experience. It was also smelly, messy and there was a considerable amount of time spent in preparation and clean-up. Since there were consumables involved, there was an ongoing cost associated with processing chemicals and paper.  Yet there was a great satisfaction upon emerging from a session with a good looking print. However, in my opinion, the processes and techniques of yesterday can’t compare  to today’s digital technology and software based solutions. I’m sure the die-hard purists would disagree. Those are the people still shooting film and working in the darkroom. I just find today’s technology provides more latitude in working with images that was just not possible with “analog” photography.

Now my love affair with Lightroom 3 continues to grow. It is my tool of choice for post processing. Not only does the application make the creative process flow better but the ability to fine tune specific elements within an image is a powerful feature.  I find working with the tool helps improve my composition, as I’m putting more thought into the entire process. I visualize an image, capture it and end up with what I had seen in my mind’s eye. The next part of this process will be to stretch myself with better captures, more emotional content and conveying that in the final image.

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