luck photographer

Came across an interesting article at Digital Photography School about being a luck photographer. It struck a chord with me with the opening paragraph, “We’ve all been guilty of taking pictures with our eyes closed. Just go crazy, go on a shooting spree and see what happens. See what happy mistakes you can pawn off as well-thought out, purposefully captured portraits.”

Guilty on all counts! However, I am finding that I now think and plan more of my shots these days. The first thing I find myself doing is seeing a location that has something interesting about it that catches my eye. From that point I begin to visualize the shot. Then if I still find it interesting after putting it together in my mind, I will think about what kind of lighting would work best (sunrise, sunset, cloudy, sunny) and then go do it.

“You can’t explain to someone later on how you made a portrait or the settings you chose.” I find my iPhone to be really helpful in keeping up with the details for photography. Besides the voice memo, I will take photos with the phone and write myself notes or use a geotag app. I used to consider any type of organization of my photography to be encroaching on my creativity. I didn’t need to do mundane things as keeping notes about my work. Thank goodness that I have matured enough to realize that creativity needs a certain amount of order and discipline to be able to flourish and survive. otherwise all you have is chaos. You may know the type, very artsy, very good at their craft but can be a self-destructive force of nature. They just keep imploding their talent and career for one reason or another.

I once was a luck photographer but I’ve moved on. I still struggle with the impulse to just “go do it”, but the end result from a shooting spree session has never been as rewarding as what I’m doing now. Now I work with a subject in mind and work to express that with the vision I have in my mind. It’s a wonderful connected process, not crazy and very rewarding

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