windmillI am making changes to this blog and my photo website. I changed my blog’s theme to something more in keeping with my new direction. The blog will focus on the creative and technical challenges I struggle with on my photographic journey. Why the change? My blog and photography website each competed for my time and attention. Between the two,  I lost sight of my goals for each one.

In my ongoing quest to find a better photography hosting company, one that provides me with more controls and has better templates – I finally found one that has all of those things! The company is PhotoShelter. While their service is more expensive than SmugMug, it gives me exactly what I want! SmugMug provides a good service but the only way to get a design like I wanted required hiring a designer/programmer to make the changes. The starting price to do that was $300 and up.

I will be unveiling my new photography website within a couple of weeks. I will continue to post photos to this blog but my photo website will once again become the primary location for my work. In making these changes I made a commitment to myself to continue to push the boundaries of my work. To take the time to think about each shot and to better express my vision. Always looking for the ways and means to improve and in doing so my work becomes more meaningful to me and the world around me.

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