end of the road

There are some days you just should  not get out of bed. Yesterday was one of those days. I loaded up my new camera bag with all my gear. I made all of the internal adjustments so that everything fit perfectly. I adjusted the sling strap so that is was easy to put the bag on. I had bought some new filters and a step-down ring so I took out all of my lenses to put the new filters on. I put everything back into the bag and slung the bag over my shoulder when I heard a terrible sound – a lens hitting the floor. Before I do anything my other lens was ejected from the compartment and landed with a loud whack on the floor. I had forgotten to zip the compartment closed. My heart stopped. The best lens I own had just slammed into the floor. I reached down and picked it up. There was no exterior damage so I mounted it on the camera and ran outside to check it out. I took several shots and they all looked fine. Autofocus worked flawlessly and the images were all tack sharp. I finally took a breath. The Sigma lens looked alright but I couldn’t get the lens cap off. I could see that the lens had landed directly on the cap. I managed to pry the cap off and found that the UV filter was shattered. I still couldn’t get the filter to turn so I picked the broken glass out of the filter ring. Once all the broken glass was removed the filter came off. I cleaned the lens and took some shots. All of the images were sharp and all the lens functions worked! The only thing damaged was the UV filter which had actually saved the lens. If that filter had not been on the camera I’m sure the glass would have broken. I got lucky for sure and I will be careful to zip the bag closed. I will also get a replacement UV filter for the lens and the next time I have I day like that, I will be going back to bed!

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