winter prairie sunset

2010 was a year of introspection, reflection and coming to terms with myself. It was a year in which I turned myself inside out to get a good look at what I had done  and in the process I made some decisions about where I wanted to go next. I explored a lot, from Aperture to LightRoom and Nikon to Canon. I started this blog, read your blog, read books, subscribed to newsletters and looked at lots and lots of images.

I let go of any expectations, preconceptions while I studied and tried to put those lessons into practice. Rather than trying to grasp, I tried to let go. I wanted to “feel” as opposed to just absorb. Most of the time my efforts produced little results as I was still hung up with taking photos. I had spent a lifetime shooting “photos” but what I really wanted to do was to produce art.

So now in 2011 I’m working to take my dream and turn it into something. To make the dream into art I now use LightRoom as my primary post processing tool. My primary camera is a Canon 7D. They feel like natural extensions of me. So if you are wondering what piece of software or camera is best, I suggest that you look inward first because what you like will make a difference. If you doubt, it will be reflected in your work so choose wisely.

I have the basic tools to turn my photographs into art.  What comes next is the consistent doing, making photographs, a lot of them and in that process the magic will happen if I stay alert, study and practice – the quality of my work will improve. It’s a process – one that takes time, effort and a desire to create. So here is to the new year, full of potential and possibilities. I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

Happy New Year

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