what i see

Turning my vision into an interesting image is a complicated process. Often my vision gets hijacked by my analytical brain. It’s busy working on all the different aspects of the shot and I end up with a shot that might be technically correct (focus, exposure) but artistically just sucks. Also the subjective nature of art creates it’s own set of issues (break the rules, don’t break the rules) that plays havoc with the artistic side of my brain and I end up with an image that still sucks.

How does one break through all this noise? I have tried several methods. One was to shot massive amounts of photos. The other was just the opposite, more planning with less captures. In the end neither worked very well. I think the shooting more method helped but it could also be attributed to just getting lucky because there were more shots.  These days I’m working with visualizing my image and then trying to create it with a workflow. The visualization process is helping me to see better. The next challenge will be to capture that visualization and create an image that expresses what I see. My Lightroom skills are coming along thanks to David duChemin’s book Vision & Voice. It’s a fun process and I will showing the results here in my blog.

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