your eyes

I used to think photographing domestic animals was easy. I’m not sure how I ever came to that conclusion. The truth is animals are much harder to photograph than people. Why? Because you can talk to people and get them to stand still or move a little to the left. Animals are a moving target and you never know which way they’re going to go.  Even on a good day, getting a horse or dog to cooperate is quite a feat.  The exception to this is when a critter is in a confined space like in this picture. It also helps to photograph them right after mealtime. The picture of this foal was made of her in a stall with her mother. She had just finished eating and was starting to get sleepy. It made capturing the image much easier. Even then it’s important to have a camera that is capable of a high frame rate, because even confined and sleepy, critters tend to keep moving around.

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