lightroom 3 vs aperture 3 – conclusion

I started out this comparison as an Aperture and Nikon Capture NX2 user. Years ago I was a Photoshop user but had stopped using it because of the rising cost of the product. I thought Lightroom looked interesting so I downloaded it and began working with it. At first I didn’t like anything about the product. The UI didn’t feel right and I though the feature set seemed weak compared to Aperture. But I kept working with it and over time I realized that Lightroom was actually easier to learn and work with than Aperture.

The next thing that became apparent was that Lightroom’s import and organization was much better than Aperture. Then there’s the matter of performance and this is where Lightroom really shines compared to Aperture. Lightroom imports faster and renders thumbnails faster. When editing images Lightroom is faster in processing changes. Aperture on more than one occasion crashed during an edit. I now find working in Lightroom to be more intuitive and easier than Aperture.  Aperture feels like a bloated version of iPhoto.

The final conclusion is that I have switched to Lightroom! It’s easier to use, faster and gives me more flexibility  in my workflow. To that I want to recommend a book I’m reading, Vision & Voice Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom by David duChemin. This book is amazing and worth owning regardless of your tools.

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