spirit of the horse

Sometimes images just find us. I was out one morning to capture early morning light on wildflowers. As I was setting up my tripod and preparing for the shot, the horses that live in that pasture became very intrigued about what I was doing. The next thing I know I’m surrounded and the horses are checking out the tripod with the camera mounted on it. The horses that live in this pasture are big, very big, one of them is 18 hands tall. One wrong move and my camera, lens and tripod could be trampled into little pieces. As I try to take some photos of the flowers the horses keep getting in the way. The horses are now standing right in the middle of the shot. At this point I need to do something to get them away from my camera and tripod.  I start yelling at them and waving my arms. The horses respond by galloping off. It was at that moment that I saw their beauty and power displayed in the early morning light.  I started shooting.

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