A recent blog post in Photographyfree4all got me thinking about the whole creativity thing. In the post Steve refers to a book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  Julia’s two primary tools are the “Morning Pages” and the Artist Date.   Her website provides a complete description of both. The Morning Pages is a great idea for dealing with your fears, worries and the general noise of your conscience mind. Morning Pages requires you to write out three handwritten pages in a stream of consciousness format. You don’t go back and review it, you just keep on writing every morning to help clear your mind. The Artist Date is time you make for yourself to go explore things you enjoy. It’s quality time with your inner artist, helping to reconnect with that part of yourself. I really like these concepts. They are simple and direct. I’m going to try them out. Tomorrow I will start my Morning Pages and start thinking about when and where I want my first Artist Date.

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