In Texas, summer leaves slowly. Some years it can take  months before summer is over. This year will be a slow exit. There is a lot of talk about global warming but when you live in a hot place, a degree here or there doesn’t register much. If you live in a cold place with ice melting, it’s a different story. You can actually see the effects in a season. I do enjoy the seasons. The photo in this post was taken in front of a natural gas well. In the last few years there has been a lot of drilling in out area for natural gas. At least natural gas is a clean fossil fuel but there are consequences for every action.  The wildflowers exist along side the gas well. Maybe there is a way for us to balance with nature. Do we know how to do that, are we willing to do it? Let’s hope we can figure it our before we do more damage than Mother Nature can repair. So after a difficult week, I was finally able to get out and capture a few images. This photo was taken with my Lumix DX3 on my drive home. It’s good that the temperatures have dropped a little, I still look forward to the cooler temperatures of Fall and hope they come sooner rather than later.

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