aperture 3 vs lightroom 3

Ok – I confess I have been using both Aperture 3 and Lightroom 3. I like them both. Here is my new workflow using the two tools. I do all initial adjustments in Aperture because the new Preview function that exists in the Presets. This is a great feature that allows for a lot of artistic expermintation with the image without having to “redo” a selection – very nice – very intuitive.

Once I’m satisfied with the initial development of the photo I have Lightroom set in my Preferences as my default editor so I select it from the menu option and import the image into Lightroom. Voila ~ I’m working in Lightroom. I really like the Direct Positive Preset and Fill Light. Both are great options for adding emphasis to an image. Once I’m done with the editing I simply close it and the image is processed and updated in Aperture.This is probably not the most efficient workflow nor the cheapest but I find that the combination of the two tools enables me to get results that I could not achieve easily from a single tool.

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