lightRoom 3

Edited in LightRoom3

I downloaded Adobe Lightroom 3 to try it out. I gave up on PhotoShop due to its high cost and bloated feature sets that I wasn’t using. I switched to Aperature and enjoyed it’s ease of use and how well it worked with my Mac.

But when I saw that the new version of Lightroom was released and was available for a 30 day free trial, I decided to take it for a test drive.

The download was fast and the installation was easy. Starting up the app was simple enought and importing images was a snap. Once I got an image loaded the work flow and controls were similar enough to Aperature that I produced good results in a few minutes.

I enjoyed working in the app and to me that is very important. I tried to work in Capture NX2 but just found it to be a frustrating experience. I’ve got enought frustrations in my life so I just stopped using NX. As I continued to work in Lightroom and watched instructional videos, i got better and more creative working with the tool. In the end it’s another tool to use in the creative process. I still have 25 more days to work with it before the copy stops working, so expect another report soon

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